Conducting Research During a Pandemic

Even in the best of circumstances, conducting research requires persistence to obtain meaningful results. Gathering enough data to analyze is our priority. While the challenges imposed by COVID-19 have created a new set of obstacles, we have implemented several best practices to ensure the safety of everyone involved without compromising our commitment to research. 

Currently, the use of masks is mandatory for all participants and presenters, and we make that expectation clear in our recruitment literature. Should an individual become unwilling or unable to comply, they will not be allowed to participate. Instead of deterring active involvement, we’ve found participants are frequently relived such a requirement is in place. Requiring masks is the simplest, most effective, way we can prevent the spread of the virus, regardless of the size of the group we’ve assembled.

Regarding groups, we have redesigned the layout of our studies in order to maximize social distancing between our presenters and participants. As the pictures below indicate, we are utilizing plexiglass partitions that – in addition to the masks – create another barrier of protection for individuals involved.

Additionally, we have the ability to livestream our research practices directly to clients and staff, effectively eliminating the need for observers to be present. We also video record these sessions for clients or teams needing access to the material after the livestream has ended. 

Finally, in an effort to minimize exposure through touchpoints, we have replaced paper questionnaires and surveys with iPads for our clients and mock jurors. All available data are downloaded in real-time to either your personal device or a sanitized iPad. Those iPads stay with the client or participant for the duration of the research exercise.

While much of how we go about work and our day-to-day lives is changing, Trial Innovations remains committed to safety and innovation as we make necessary adjustments to the ways in which we conduct research. If you have questions or concerns specific to your firm or workplace, please let us know by clicking the button below.


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