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Mock Trial

These formal “dress rehearsals” help fine-tune the trial story, case themes, and arguments. They offer insight into how jury instructions, verdict questions, and group dynamics influence final verdicts.


Community Attitude Surveys

These surveys help measure case-relevant attitudes and potential bias within the jury pool. The data can be used to strengthen your trial story and develop a juror prediction model.


Venue Analysis

These studies are designed to assess the extent and prejudicial nature of media coverage around a high-profile case and the impact, if any, on the jury pool.


Focus Groups

Focus groups are informal exploratory exercises designed to test potential strategies and themes during the discovery process. The findings help develop a compelling story for trial.


Witness Preparation

These workshops teach witnesses how to effectively communicate their part of the trial story by providing them with practical tools for direct and cross-examination.


Trial Strategy

All of our services, starting with early exploratory research and continuing through the trial process, are focused on helping you craft and refine a persuasive trial story that appeals to a broad audience.


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At Trial Innovations, we believe quality research is a powerful tool for crafting, testing, and revising a persuasive story, audience, and trial strategy. With over 40 years of collective experience working on criminal and civil litigation across the country, we know what it takes to succeed. This is how we do it: 

Trial Consulting Services

Added Value to Help You Achieve Success


  • Mock Trial
  • Focus Group
  • Change of Venue Study
  • Community Attitude Survey
  • Online Research
  • Witness Assessment
  • Witness Preparation
  • Jury Questionnaire Development
  • Voir Dire Development
  • Statistical Jury Profiles


  • Scientific Jury Selection
  • Trial Monitoring
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Shadow Jury


  • Post-Trial Interviews
  • Post-Conviction Appeals

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